Privacy Policy

Types of information collected and processed

  • User personal account data;
  • User device information (cookies);
  • Contact Information;
  • Data on the use of the Services;
  • Other information.

Data subject categories

  • Customers of products and services of the company;
  • Visitors and users of the online pharmacy website;
  • Partners of our online service;
  • Participants of promotions held by the online service.


  • Ensuring the stable operation of the website;
  • Support and improvement of the website;
  • Development of new functions of the website;
  • ensuring the safety and reliability of the website.

Applicable legal basis

The legal basis for the processing of personal information is the customer’s consent. By using our online pharmacy, every customer agrees that the site administration may collect, store, use and otherwise process your personal information (including personal data).


Cookies are information that is transferred to the user’s web browser and stored there for later use.

When you interact with our website, session cookies are used, which are stored only during your current working session.

Session cookies contain a randomly generated unique identification number (session identifier), as well as information about its origin and storage period. The indicated files cannot technologically store other data. Session cookies are deleted at the end of the working session or closing the browser.

If you do not want cookies to be stored on your device, you can deactivate the corresponding options in the browser settings. Cookies already saved can also be deleted in your browser settings.

The denial of the use of cookies may lead to functional restrictions when using the website and services of our online company.

Changes and additions to this policy

Please regularly review the contents of this Privacy Policy. This policy will adapt to regulatory changes. The current version of this Policy is posted on the website. As soon as the changes require your additional consent or obligatory awareness, you will be obligatorily notified of this fact.

Responsibilities of the parties

The site administration is not responsible for any harm or loss incurred to Users that occurred due to the presence of mistakes or inaccuracies in the information specified by the Site Administration or Users on the Site. Our website, in turn, makes every effort to resolve disagreements that arose between the User and the Site.

The site administration is not responsible for the absence of access to the website, in whole or in part, due to maintenance work or other technical works that ensure the normal functioning of the website.

The User is liable for any damage that may be caused as a result of the use of materials obtained during the use of the services of the website.

Responsibility for any problems that occurred during the registration of the User and use of the website is the sole responsibility of the User. The website is not responsible for any damage or loss to the User arising as a result of a problem caused by an error or negligence of the User when using the website.