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The Generation Green Cookbook

Fresh Choices: Easy Recipes for
Pure Food When You Can’t Buy 100% Organic

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by Rochelle Davis and David Joachim

If you eat in America, you probably eat dangerous amounts of pesticides. For years, concerned nonprofits have been blowing the whistle on lax federal regulations, and American consumers are starting to hear the message. Buying organic products is a great first-step to reducing unnecessary pesticide use, but going organic isn’t always practical for the home cook. Organic produce is not available in every grocery store and is cost-prohibitive for many shoppers. Fortunately, there are alternatives to organic produce that won’t put you at risk of dangerous pesticide exposure.

Fresh Choices: Easy Recipes for Pure Food When You Can’t Buy 100% Organic focuses on these alternatives.  This book shows the home cook which foods are lowest in pesticide residues and provides fabulous recipes using those foods. It also shows readers which foods are highest in pesticide residues and points out viable alternatives. Organic food is heavily promoted throughout the book, especially since it often tastes better. But when organic is not an option, Fresh Choices offers viable alternatives.

More than 100 recipes are featured, each one tested in a home kitchen. Most recipes are geared toward easy cooking for busy households, with short ingredient lists and short cooking times. The book also includes profiles of people who have made a difference in the health and well-being of our planet, especially our children. Helpful cooking and nutrition tips, menus, and/or fascinating food facts enhance the recipes when appropriate. Fresh Choices also educates consumers about exposure to pesticides and other toxins in our environment. It explains the impact of these toxins on our health and wellness.

Table of Contents

From Farm to Fork:
Good Reasons to Choose Pure Food

Covers the history of food production, healthy and sustainable food production, reducing the body's chemical burden, explanations of organic terminology, pesticide toxicity and children, and other issues

Provides tips on picking fruit, how to get the most from them nutritionally, how to avoid those with the most potential for pesticide toxicity, and more. Features 14 recipes, including Orange-Banana Smoothie, Citrus Salsa, Brown Butter Poached Pears, and Cherry Almond Cobbler

Offers advice on the best vegetables to buy organic, which seasons are best for various vegetables, and more. Features 17 recipes, including Tapenade Phyllo Tartlets, Jicama Fennel Salad with Lime Orange Dressing, and Cheesy Potato Onion Pie.

Fish and Shellfish
Gives information on choosing fish that is safe and sustainable, avoiding mercury toxicity and more. The 13 seafood recipes include such tasty fare as Cajun Catfish in Cornmeal, Mahimahi with Grape Sauce and Mint, and Grilled Shrimp Ceviche.

Chicken and Turkey
How to get drug-free birds for your meals, explanations of terms like free-range and kosher and what they really mean, safe poultry handling and cooking, and more. Thirteen recipes are provided in this chapter, including Chicken and Asparagus Gratin, Baked Chicken with Honey and Apples, and Lemon Rosemary Grilled Turkey

Beef and Pork
This chapter covers such issues as antibiotic residues in meat, avoiding meat raised with growth hormones, what "pasture-raised pork" really means, among other topics. The 12 recipes presented include Chili Beef Nachos, Spicy Italian Pork Chops, and Grilled Beef Satay.

Milk, Cheese and Eggs
Explains the concept of grass-fed cows, why rGBH in milk products is something you might want to avoid, how to choose from a dizzying array of egg choices, and so much more. Twelve recipes are provided here, including Yogurt Waffles, Chocolate Hazelnut Tiramisu, and Sausage and Red Pepper Frittata.

Beans, Nuts and Grains
Discusses the issue of genetically modified soy products, organic legumes, why whole-grain foods are the way to go, and more. Seventeen recipes are included in this chapter, with just a few of them being Peanut Butter Banana Spirals, Blackened Tofu, and Chickpea Tangerine Salad with Walnuts.

Wheat Flour, Bread and Pasta
Addresses issue like genetically modified crops and the benefits of whole grains, along with 16 recipes that include Pesto Gorgonzola Bruschetta, Mocha Pudding Cake, and Macaroni in Butternut Sauce.

Resource Lists, Suggested Reading & Index

Features Throughout:

  • Celebrity and VIP profiles, such as Nell Newman, Kelly Preston, and others (see below)

  • Star chef recipes, including favorites from Rick Bayless, Greg Higgins, and others

  • Dozens of sidebars on irradiation, antibiotics in meat, mercury in fish, and much more

  • Recipe headnotes explaining the origin or benefits of each recipe

  • “Nutrient Boost” tips with recipes - how to sneak in a little more nutrition and flavor

  • “Helping Hand” hints - on saving time, prep ahead, or making cooking easier

  • “Food Lore” - entertaining tidbits on food history

  • Special tips for adapting some recipes to be used as baby food

About the authors

Rochelle Davis is the Executive Director and founder of Generation Green. A leader and spokesperson on children’s environmental health issues, she has a history of effectively communicating scientific and policy issues to the public. Davis has 20 years experience managing and marketing not-for-profit advocacy organizations and a longtime commitment to environmental health issues. She lives in Evanston, Illinois, with her husband and two children.

David Joachim has written and/or edited more than 25 family-oriented cookbooks and health books, including Prevention’s The Healthy Cook and More Healthy Homestyle Cooking. He is former editor of Vegetarian Gourmet magazine and has appeared widely on national television and radio, including ABC, Fox, Food Network, Discovery Channel, QVC, and National Public Radio. He edited Steven Raichlen’s Healthy Latin Cooking, which won a James Beard Award and was a finalist for a Julia Child Award. He cooks and gardens in Pennsylvania with his wife and two sons.

Individuals profiled in the book


Children’s Singer

Rick Bayless

Chef, Frontera Grill and Topolobampo (Chicago, Illinois)

Nancy Chuda

President and Co-founder of CHEC Children’s Health Environment Coalition

Jesse Cool

Flea St. Café, JZ Cool Eatery and The Cool Café (California)

Dr. Lynn Goldman

Principal Investigator on Children’s Health for the PEW Environmental Health Commission

Greg Higgins

Chef, Higgins Restaurant and Bar (Portland, Oregon)

Gary Hirshberg

President, Stonyfield Farm

Michael Jacobson, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Center for Science in the Public Interest

Dr. Phil Landrigan

Director, The Center for Children’s Health and the Environment at Mt. Sinai Schools of Medicine

Nell Newman

Owner, Newman’s Own Organics

John Peterson

Owner, Angelic Organics, and founder, CSA Learning Center

Kelly Preston


LaDonna Redmond

President, Institute for Community Resource Development

Janice Schakowsky

United States Congresswoman

Jane Seymour


Peggy Sheppard

Executive Director, West Harlem Environmental Action Network

Dr. Sandra

Author,  Living Downstream and Having Fatih

Rodney Taylor

Director, Food and Nutrition SErvices, Malibu Unified School Districts


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