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No matter how hard it was ignored by mass media and the large public for a long time, sex is a part of human life and an important one. Nature has created us so that for both women and men sex is a body need, which is equal to food, water, air. In ancient Greece, known for its civility is not worse than modern, love expressed sensuously was worshiped and glorified as a means for prolonging youth. Intimate couple’s relationships cannot be reduced to reproductive performance, they should be long and diverse. Active sex life promotes good health in general, brings emotional connection, improves a positive life attitude.

That’s why it is bitter and frustrating to face problems in the sexual sphere. And men in this regard are much harder to bear if penile erection dysfunction occurs. Feeling of guilt towards a partner, shame, fear of further failures… When this happens to very young men, they start to panic, hesitate whether to go to a doctor and use incomprehensible and unjustifiable methods. If during sexual intercourse penis erection does not occur in mature men, and this happens again during the next attempt, he sprinkles ashes upon his head and with sadness thinking that irreversible age-related changes have come.

erectile dysfunction

However, everything is absolutely not that sad. After all, anybody can «break down», people get sick and not consider that it is forever! So is with erection disorder, or medically correct to say – erectile dysfunction.

What is Erection?

In short, a penis is made of muscles, cavernous muscle bodies and a spongy muscle body, which are located around the urethra. These muscular bodies are richly supplied with blood. When a penis is in quiescent, «idle» state, length, volume, and elasticity are relatively small (although there are exceptions). If, however, the brain sends signals about close sexually attractive «object», sexual excitement appears, and with it – erection: penis becomes elastic, increases in volume and length and rises from hips at an angle of almost 90 degrees, ready to «go into combat». This happens because a large number of veins are located in penile muscle bodies, are maximally filled with blood and blood outflow is blocked due to specific hormones action. If the penis will remain in this state until sexual intercourse end, you’re completely fine. However, it happens that blood leaves penile muscles, and then failures happen – erection disappears, sexual intercourse is not completed or even has not been started. And if this repeats many times, this is the case of erectile dysfunction (erectile function disorder) we are just talking about. This situation is the reason for the visit to a doctor, who must first find out what causes premature blood outflow from muscle bodies of a penis.

It is great if you manage to consult an expert – sexologist or andrologist. But if not – competent urologist will also be OK.

The doctor will prescribe various tests that you have to patiently go through. It even may happen that you will only need psychologist consultation (or several), because everything, including good penis erection, in the body, is dependent on the brain – all our actions most important decision-maker.

More often medicamental treatment is necessary and there is no need to be afraid. Do you want to be in excellent sexual shape? Follow the doctor’s recommendations. Today, the most effective erectile dysfunction treatment is Viagra from Trusted Tablets. Created for cardiovascular diseases pills were the most productive in erectile dysfunction treatment.

Viagra major advantage over other drugs for sexual dysfunction treatment is that no matter what reason caused erectile dysfunction (psychological problems, some related diseases) – the effect is guaranteed.

However, before using Viagra you need to find out if you have any contraindications. Here is a list of those rare diseases, which don’t allow taking sildenafil:

  • bone marrow cancer (multiple myeloma);
  • sickle-cell anemia (irreversible changes in red blood cells);
  • blood cancer (leukemia);
  • penis deformity or diseases.

Viagra is prescribed with caution to patients suffering from:

  • hemophilia;
  • peptic ulcer disease (and any diseases that have a tendency to hemorrhages);
  • pigmented retinitis (a rare eye disease).

Viagra is contraindicated if you are being treated with the following drugs:

  • any other drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment;
  • cardiac nitrate-medications.

viagrapackSo, you have eliminated all contraindications, generic Viagra is not dangerous for you, but will only bring great benefits. It is important to remember that Viagra from Trusted Tablets does not cure potency, but allows only for a short time to achieve an erection. Viagra action is based on improving blood flow to muscle bodies and blocking its outflow during erection. For us, it’s simply so we will not go into complex pharmaceutical and physiological details.
It is important that generic Viagra is effective only when you experience sexual excitement! Take generic Viagra about an hour before sex and success are guaranteed! Do not eat too much before taking this drug, especially careful with fatty foods. Alcohol is also contraindicated – except for a very small amount. The effect lasts from 4 to 6 hours. But do not take another pill! Only one pill a day, in the dosage your doctor prescribes.

If you decide to buy Viagra, it is available in doses of 25, 50 and 100 mg. Usually, doctors prescribe 50 mg. Individually this dosage may be increased to 100 mg or lowered to 25 mg, depending on your penis «behavior» and your feelings.

  • facial edema;
  • headaches;
  • a runny nose.

If you observe any of these adverse reactions, tell your doctor. He will advise how to avoid them.

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