Viagra and Alcohol: Are They Compatible?

To date, the use of a small dose of alcohol and Viagra is considered normal. Some drink to become braver, others simply try to make enjoyment even sweeter and longer. However, few men think about the fact that it is alcoholic drinks that lead to a decrease in potency, as a result of which they have to use additional medications (for example, Viagra).

There is another category of men who try to mix this medicine with alcohol to have both pleasure and mood. What will these actions lead to and whether it is possible to mix potency drugs with alcohol?viagra and alcohol

Causes of Incompatibility of Viagra and Alcohol

Since alcohol contains one important component of fermentation, namely ethanol, it must not be mixed with any preparations at all. The substance itself, acting on the central nervous system, leads to complete muscle relaxation, disorientation in space, decreased sensitivity and activity of blood flow in the body, resulting in erectile dysfunction. And now imagine that a drunken man took Viagra for successful sexual intercourse as well.

Immediately it becomes clear that adequate reaction of the body will not appear, since alcohol interferes with the work of all organs, slowing them down and relaxing. The same thing happens with blood, which begins to move along blood vessels several times more slowly. As a result, the main task of Viagra drug (to help achieve a full erection) is not feasible, since control of blood flow in this state is almost unreal.

Of course, it is worth mentioning exceptions to the rule, when men after taking a small dose of alcohol, on the contrary, become hyperactive without the help of drugs. Thanks to the drink, they not only feel rush of vivacity, but they achieve a full erection in almost 2 – 3 minutes. Nevertheless, such cases are indeed very rare, and men in this category are lucky.

Is it Worth Mixing?

The constant influence of alcohol on the body not only worsens the central nervous system but also negatively affects the entire body, slowing down all processes. And, if you add here action of Viagra, mixed with alcohol, consequences can be quite serious:

  • poisoning with ethyl and huge damage to the liver. In a normal state, our liver constantly breaks down chemicals that come into it, removing them from the body with urine and sweat. Such process occurs with use of alcoholic beverages – it is thanks to our liver that the next morning we wake up already sober and healthy. However, the mixing Viagra and alcohol can be detrimental to both the liver itself and the cleavage process, which will slow down considerably. As a result, ethanol will remain in the body longer than required and even mix with chemical elements of the drug. And since the compatibility of these two things is practically zero, serious conflict immediately arises, which causes severe damage to the liver and its normal functioning;
  • excessive load on the heart and blood vessels. Since active substance in Viagra is sildenafil, it is contraindicated to mix it with alcohol because they both speed up the heartbeat and, as a consequence, increase the burden on the heart. Excessive consumption of alcohol along with Viagra can not only lead to a significant increase in pressure and severe dizziness but also complete cardiac arrest (especially if a man has the chronic cardiovascular disease);
  • strong allergic reaction. Nobody can say with 100% guarantee how a mixture of alcohol and Viagra will affect your health. Even if you do not get problems with the functioning of organs, individual incompatibility can manifest itself by an allergic reaction, from which it will be very difficult to get rid of.

From all of the above, you can draw the completely logical conclusion: the use of Viagra in presence of alcohol in the body is highly unrecommended, otherwise, a party can have very sad consequences for you.

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