How Are Depression and Erectile Dysfunction Related?

Depression and erectile dysfunction are related literally when one becomes a cause of another. Normally, erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological factors in the range from 10 to 20%. ED is usually the secondary reaction that comes along as a result of a psychological cause that is underlying. The psychological causes of ED are sometimes related to some past events that happen in a person’s life in their early childhood.

Erectile dysfunction and depression causes

However, most psychological causes of ED are usually the following:

  • stress: It often affects the brain’s capability to concentrate on the matters at hand. When someone’s stressed, much of the strength needed to pump blood to all parts of the body to support erection is usually gone. Stress can be related to job, finances or marriage wrangles among many other factors.
  • guilt: It is possible for a man to feel that they are not satisfying their partners appropriately. The result of these types of guilt is usually erectile dysfunction.
  • anxiety: Once an instance of ED is experienced, the problem might come again and again as a result of anxiety.
  • low self-esteem: This can be a result of ED hence an inadequacy feeling which can lead to more ED problems.


Other causes of depression and erectile dysfunction include indifference as a result of certain medications or problems in their subsequent relationships.

Whatever the cause of erectile dysfunction is, if the problem persists for long, depression will always appear. When a man is depressed, certainly everything in their life becomes dull. They suddenly lose interest in everything and it can go to some extent of forgetting about one’s self.

Depression is often discernible by persistent sadness, feelings of hopelessness and pessimism. Some of its symptoms include lack of interest in activities that were once pleasurable, fatigue, loss of appetite, heavy use of alcohol and drugs and to some extreme, suicidal thoughts. This is an illness that affects how a person feels about themselves and life as a whole. The lack to find a solution to the problem also fades away and a man’s life reaches a very delicate stage.

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